Halo hair extensions

10 May

My sister recently bought some Halo hair extensions. They were recommended by someone who she works with at the hair salon where she works as a hair dresser.  They are very good!! It’s human hair and you can get them in a range of different colours, lengths and thickness. They range from £59.99 to £94.99. They also do synthetic hair extensions. With real hair extensions you can straighten, blow dry and dye them. They are very good quality and blend in with you real hair. If you have thick hair you may need two packs or go for the deluxe pack.  I’ve even bought some for myself. Once I have my own, I will post pictures on how to put them in. For now I have some pictures of me wearing my sisters.

The hair extensions pictured are:

Length of hair extensions: 20” (50cm)
Number of clips: 14
Number of pieces: 8
2 pieces are 8” wide with 3 clips
2 pieces are 6” wide with 2 clips
4 pieces are 2” wide with 1 clip
Weight of hair: 100 grams – pure hair weight.
Type of hair: 100% Remy Human Hair

When you order Halo hair extensions if you order before 3pm they will be sent out next day delivery.


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